5 Online Profile Mistakes Women Over 50 Should Avoid

Getting back on the dating scene after you've hit the 50-year mark can be somewhat daunting for a lot of single women. The most important thing to bear in mind is that as a woman over 50, you should not be dating like you are still 18. Those days of adolescence when all you could think of was hooking up with that cool football captain are behind you, now is the time to put a reality check on your dating expectations. Your over 50 dating profile must bear a reflection of these expectations in order to attract the right kind of match. Here are the 5 online profile mistakes to avoid for successful dating encounters.

  • Not a List of Likes and Dislikes

At 50, you have probably got your preferences, expectations, likes and dislikes all clearly figured out. But it is important to remember that your profile is a calling card to attract potential matches and not to scare people away with a long-winding list of do's and don'ts. The idea is to paint a positive picture of yourself that makes the other person want to get to know you better.

  • Don't Sound Too Needy

You may be in a place in life where you are looking for a stable relationship or someone to settle with but putting it right out there in your profile isn't a wise idea. Sentences like 'looking for someone to complete me', 'seeking lifetime of love' and so on, are a big red flag for men who may view you as an emotionally demanding partner. As a general rule, don't put anything on your profile that you wouldn't want to say or hear on a first date.

  • Don't Sound Uninterested

A lot of women who have made it single to their 40s and 50s are just too used to doing thing on their own. They have their entire lifestyle built around the idea of keeping themselves productively occupied, leaving little room for romantic relationships. However, now that you have taken the decision to get back on the dating scene, it is important to send out a message that you are actually interested in investing in dating in terms of time, energy, attention and even emotions.

  • Don't Underplay Yourself

The key to success in the online dating scene is to remember that there hundreds, even thousands, of other women out there vying for attention. In this backdrop, it is important to make yourself stand out in order to grab eyeballs and retain the attention of potential suitors. Focus on bringing out the unique traits of your personality instead of using cliches like 'I spend my free time volunteering' or 'I'm just a girl next door' to describe yourself. Also, it doesn't hurt to add a flirtatious tone to your profile.

  • Save Your Sob Story for Later

Have you ever read an online dating profile and felt the urge to reach out to the person just because you think they could use some cheering up? No, right? Well, the same principle applies to you as well. Your struggles may be real and all-consuming but to a stranger it is just a sob story. So cut out the negativity and focus on projecting the positives of your life.