Casual Cougar dating for younger men

Cougar dating is defined, for those uncertain, as an older women that seeks younger men in which to date. But what is casual cougar dating? Casual cougar dating is dating that follows the standards for casual dating in general.Casual Cougar dating

The best meaning for casual dating that had been broken down was found recently on wikipedia. Wikipedia states that those who are looking for casual dating and those in a casual relationship are often one and the same.

Both casual dating and casual based relationships tend to be relationships in which one can find both physical and emotional commitments taking place. Thus, it is not uncommon to learn sexual or near sexual times can be enjoyed without the pressures or expectations of the more formal relationships in place.

Dating younger men for many cougars dating for many use to be governed by an old dating rule that was the more strict formula for dating age spans that were acceptable in the eyes of others. These days the younger generations have not heard of this rule and would simply laugh if they would hear it. Nonetheless the following is this former rule defined.

  • Dating age formula: Using your current age divide it by two and then add seven. When using the rule a person who is 42, for example, should date a person that is no younger than 28

One could easily thank the internet for changes that have come to pass in the dating scene especially in regards to those dating younger men. Thankfully many taboos have been lain to rest since the onset of the internet age and that includes older women dating younger men.

Dating younger men is the spice of life the the cougar dating scene. Surprisingly, to some, casual dating has become an acceptable means that make all parties very happy. Thus cougar dating norms have expanded in recent days thanks to the casual dating scene now making even easier for the dating younger men.

The following are some casual dating tips that come from the cougar dating as well as those dating younger men as well.

  • Make sure that the casual dating expectations have been clearly defined and accepted by both parties involved. This is often best done with actual discussions rather than with any of the available forms that require only typing.
  • Cougars are more experienced in the dating scene but often were brought up in with the mannerisms that include the guy paying. The younger gentleman should plan on paying even if the cougar should decide not to have them do so.
  • Avoid references to age, even if they are intended as a complement. No matter how one tries or how carefully worded these comments can often bother or be taken poorly.
  • Let the cougar select the location for the first date or meet up. This will help to put her a bit more at ease and feel more safe and comfortable in the process.

For the cougar dating or those dating younger men one of the most important keys of the casual dating or any dating experience, besides communication, is to have fun and enjoy yourselves.