Cougar Dating In Dallas

Older women have experience when it comes to relationships and life. They have gone. Through a lot of experiences. They have learned lessons. if you end up with an old woman , more likely, you'll have a good relationship because of her traits.Cougar Dating In Dallas

  • Defining the cougar?

A cougar is generally considered to be a woman of 35 or older who seeks out romantic or sexual relationships with younger men. she is supposed to be an overtly sexual woman over 35 who seeks out men for sex – but doesn’t want commitment, cohabitation or children. The term “cougar” implies predate, manipulation, cunning behavior, sneakiness, and attacking. it implies a woman is an animal with sharp claws, a deceitful nature and a creature who is sex-starved or over-sexed.

Not so long ago, society was appalled at the site of a 40 – something woman with a man half her age – while at the same time the sight of an older man with a much younger woman was accepted, and even envied by the men. Fortunately, today’s society is much more accepting of “cougar” dating, and the site of an older woman dating a younger man is not so frowned upon anymore.

There are many reasons why this type of relationship makes sense for both parties. For one thing it is not meant to last for ever, it is a temporary fling from the very beginning and there are less expectations and a lot less worrying about “where is this going”. it’s just plain old fun!

  • Better sex

This is a big one. For one thing, younger men typically have more stamina and more strength. older women on the other hand have more experience and more patience, and they are forgiving to their younger lovers – the boy is still learning.

  • No Drama, No Baggage, No Regrets

The whole idea behind cougar dating is to live in the moment and not to plan a future and a house full of kids together. You are just two souls in the night enjoying each other company. Women feel more relaxed with younger men because they will typically have less baggage (like ex wives) to carry with them. Men know that they are not expected to propose or meet her parents, and are not living in constant fear of her asking the question like “where is this relationship going”. cougar women typically won’t give their lovers an ultimatum to either bring a diamond ring or disappear from their lives

  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

After a woman raises her kids after many sacrifices and they now have a life of their own, she wants to live again. she missed going out with her friends, she structured hew whole life around her children and now that the responsibility is not that big, she wants to live again. she wants to have fun, not to sit home and watch a sitcom. The best way for a cougar woman to have fun is to grab a young stud and make a wild night, with great fun for both of them.

Seeing an aging man with a young woman never seems to raise eyebrows, but when it comes to older women dating younger men, people start to get overly concerned. However, according to a recent poll, one-third of women in the forty to sixty-nine year old age group will date younger men. in this instance this is deemed to be ten years plus younger than them. Another poll showed that women in their fifties, about one sixth of them to be exact, preferred to date men in their forties.

  • Important To Remember

Many women make the mistake of taking over all financial responsibility and decision-making in the relationship. if she is affluent and she does not mind paying for everything, or if he does not mind her doing this, then they can both relax. However, if he wants her to take over while he still plays around, then this is also a recipe for disaster.

This is why communication is so important, especially in the case of older women dating younger men, before the couple move in together or make things permanent.