Cougar Dating and Football

Are You Ready For Some Football

cougar dating and footballCougar ladies football are you with me in that it feels like forever since football was last played. I know we've had preseason but it is just not the same even if others do not understand. Those that do not understand are not true fans anyway, right. Even Katy Perry has been missing her cougar ladies football. I mean just because we are older women doesn't mean that we can’t have equal the fun as the guys during football games.

Cougar Dating Football Style

Okay guys here is some insight for you. If you are interested in cougar dating and would love to catch up with one of the cougar ladies football fans the following are some key locations in which she will be able to be found beginning with opening game kick off on Thursday, September 8.

Cougar Ladies Football Hangouts

If you’re hoping to have some cougar dating fun or you’re seeking older women try checking out their football hangout spots. These are really much the same as the male counterpart locals. A few suggestions can be found on the following listing.

  • Near the football stadium so she can feel the excitement
  • At the football stadium cheering on her team
  • The local football bar if the one you seek is a local fan
  • Down near the tailgating spots (these begin really early)
  • Team meeting locations for none hometown cities

Cougar Ladies Football Dating Tips

If you are going to ask her out on a Sunday, Monday, or Thursday be prepared to include her football or risk her turning you down. As older women they are a bit more stubborn or set in their ways and the die hard football fan is just that die hard.

Date Ideas To Impress

Treat her to a date night that is guaranteed to impress is not very difficult for the cougar ladies football fans. If you take the time to make it as if she is with her home team you are set to win the game. How you might ask can this be done. Follow these helpful steps might make for the game winning play.

  • Learn who her team is by listening and being observant. If you’re still at a loss ask her best friend for a tip to make kick off.
  • Pick her up wearing the team’s colors. She might not get it right away but when she does you’re due to score an extra point or two.
  • If you’ve been dating for a bit take her to a game. They can be a bit costly so not a good idea to shell out that kind of cash for a first date unless you have it.
  • Find her team’s neighborhood bar and go to dinner there. She will notice this one real quick just by the decor within.
  • Do some research on the players she favors so you can strike up conversations that she is all game to discuss.