Cougar Dating in London

Cougar dating in London has been around for quite some time.

Naturally, as with many, relatively liberal capital cities with large populations, there will always be an established group of older women looking for younger men. Clearly, social attitudes to age gap dating are more relaxed in cosmopolitan cities such as London and seeing older women out and about with or dating younger, handsome men doesn't usually warrant a second look.Cougar dating in London

For those who are not so familiar with the expression "cougar dating", it's worth at this point explaining that such dating generally refers to relationships between men who are at least 7 years younger than the lady they are dating. In fact, some people term cougar dating as simply a subset of older women or sugar momma dating. As one would expect, the men in these relationships are usually handsome, well presented, with good bodies and charming to the older women they are dating.

Cougar dating in London has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last few years for a combination of reasons, some of which include:

  • increase in the number of cougar dating sites targeting older or mature women looking to date in London; such sites carefully screen both the younger man and the older women to try to ensure that they have the right sort of credentials and, for the women, the financial ability to maintain such relationships
  • some dating specialists have identified this cougar dating niche as one where there is high demand from older women looking to date younger men and have pro-actively set up meetings and events where the intended parties can come together in comfortable surroundings
  • London has always been accepting and tolerant of minorities dating and, with it's amazing diversity of people, older women looking for younger men to date have not had the issue perhaps associated with such dating in smaller cities or towns
  • following on from the above point, most people recognise that the demand from older women looking for a younger man to date in a cougar dating type of relationship has been latent for many years and is, in fact, no different than overt relationships between older men and younger women, which are widely accepted
  • in London, more older women than ever before are in positions of power in their chosen profession and no longer feel that they need to accept or be told what they can or cannot do; if they want to enjoy cougar dating with a young, virile, handsome man, the question these days is: why not?

Cougar dating in London is finally becoming mainstream and, with a number of new resources direct toward this subset, it's likely that more and more older women will be seen with younger men in the coming years.