Cougar Dating in NYC Guide

The key to increasing your chances of landing a woman that you find attractive and want to spend time with lies within how well you cast your net, not just the width of the cast. Using the internet to meet people is easy, but using it effectively to be able to improve your frequency of cougar dating in NYC may require some practice. We've compiled a list of tips to give you the best shot at landing a cougar date that will genuinely change the way you look at dating.cougar dating in NYC

  • Using Social Media to its Fullest

Most people start with Facebook when it comes to meeting people online in any capacity, however, it is not typically the easiest place to meet cougars to date online. Facebook should mostly be used as a supplemental tool to connect closer to those you come across, but stick to other apps on this list first.

Instagram is another supplemental app that is undoubtedly the best place to scout for hot cougar dates in your area. You can start the casual convos and comments on their photos without appearing too desperate or creepy, just don't overdo it.

Tinder is a godsend to casual dating, but that doesn't mean it has to be relegated to hook-ups and one-night stands. Use it to fill in any gaps you may be having during your cougar dating journey. It is important to maintain that confidence that you can get any woman you want, even if you don't have the best experiences with those Tinder dates.

Twitter can be the best place to go on the prowl for cougars to date. It is much easier to create a great first impression in 140 characters than it is on a Facebook post reply, for example. That is because the arbitrary limit on Twitter makes it easier to test the waters a bit on the other person's personality, beliefs, and interest. You will certainly waste less time if you sent out a few tweets and end up not clicking with the person on the other end.

  • Using Dating Websites

You will find that cougar dating sites are one of the more dominant niche dating sites online, because let's face it: cougars are the best, right? Since these websites don't have to go through the trouble of worrying about pedophiles prowling their pages and needing to censor everything, many guys searching for their companions find it really easy to invest the time in getting to know women over social media sites or even at a bar in real life.

This brings us to another point, which is that cougars in NYC are much more receptive to guys who go out of their way to express their interest in them as a person, rather than some hookup at a bar. Sure, there are ladies who just want a boy toy, but if that's not your style, you will find a higher concentration of relationship-oriented cougars on online dating sites that tailor to your needs.

Last, but not least, finding cougars to date online comes with the added bonus of being able to hangout and get to know someone much better (with the addition of Skype, video chats, of course) before deciding to have private dates with another. Women need to feel safe in order to feel comfortable, which will allow their true personalities to shine and allow chemistry to take over from there.