Cougar Dating Pokemon Go

A cougar, or simply an older woman, should have no issues at all increasing her dating chances with the current Pokemon craze that has taken the world by storm. A cougar that is playing the game especially. Get going out that door is the only thing that is holding you back besides yourself.cougar dating pokemon


One of the game’s initial goals was to get people out meeting new people and joining the world. A good example of this is seen in the hatching of eggs as they will not hatch unless you get out there and walk around. Once out there it is almost inevitable that you will see others playing and doing the very same walking to hatch mission as you yourself.

Great Places for Meeting Others Playing Pokemon

For those that play the game reading this I am positive that a couple of locations instantly popped into your head. I'm right it's okay to admit it. For those not playing here are a few hints to get you started, although it will all be easier if you just start to play along with those around you.


The PokeStops trick that I have found to be the best "hack" is to go at or after the little guys' bedtime or school week curfews. Between say 9 pm and 11 pm you will run into the older bunches not wanting to be harassed by the youngsters. It is an added bonus time for the Cougar as well as her primary "competition" is home putting the kiddos to bed.


A great step that an older women might consider when at a PokeGym location and she sees a hot younger guy that she wouldn't mind to mingle is to walk right up to him and ask for his assistance. The PokeGym can be a confusing spot so even if it is a spot you understand the question will be right on point.

PokeNest Sightings

These are rather new to the game and will increase the odds of finding a younger guy that is computer savvy. Especially if you can hear him become excited by the "hack" he to find the nest actually worked.

The Standpoint of Pokemon from the MILF

pokemon milf


For a first time in a while the MILF Cougars should feel extra confident on the fact they know there stuff. Let it be known. It is Pokemon and that is part of what we do.

Children Born in the 1990's

The Cougar/MILF's that had children in the first or second rounds of the craze have an added advantage. Why you might be thinking. Well it is an easy answer really one such lovely lady explained to me this morning. "We know all the characters, or at least enough of them to be able to speak the poke speak."

She went on during our discussion to elaborate. She is the mom of two millennial boys, both being in their twenty's currently, she bought them all the Pokemon go things from back in the day. "I was surprised at how fast all that old information came rushing back into the primary use sections of the brain."

PokeDating Apps

They did not waist any time in getting them up and running. This latest dating craze information can be found literally all over the internet and techie sights are included in this find.

One such tech site offers the perfect highlights on the primary PokeDating locations. This might not be a bad spot for the cougar dating to sneak a peak at.

If none of the above options work out for you then PokeDating might just be right up your alley. Just remember that it is all in good PokeFun.