Cougar Dating UK

Despite its growing popularity, there are some people who have not yet heard about "cougar dating" in the UK.

In fact, this is quite surprising given the huge proliferation of cougar dating sites in the UK over the last 3-5 years. Cougar dating UK

So, as a starter, for those who don't know: cougar dating is usually considered as a subset of mature women or sugar momma dating and refers to relationships between women who are at least 7 years older than their smart, good looking younger men.

In the US, where it is believed the term cougar dating was first used, originally it was not always seen as a positive reference. However, over the years as people have become more accustomed to seeing mature women dating younger men in the UK or being out and about on the town with their relatively junior, handsome escorts, the use of the term cougar dating has become more mainstream and less peripheral. In fact, taking a global perspective it's easy to see that it not only in the UK where cougar dating has become more widely accepted but farther afield in many other European countries.

If one takes an objective view, there should be no real surprise that cougar dating in the UK has come to the fore, given that the counterparts of these mature women dating younger men, namely older men have, for years and years, frequently been seen with women half their age; call cougar dating the antithesis of this if you wish!

On balance, therefore, with the narrowing of gender bias bands, the question simply is: why can't mature, cougar dating women in the UK have what they really want after all, many such women are professionals with good careers and extensive life and other valuable experiences to offer a younger, handsome virile man?

Possibly with the phenomenal growth of the internet and the aforementioned increase in cougar dating sites available to mature women in the UK, of late there seems to have been a "tipping point" in opinions about older women opting for cougar dating and the general consensus now seems to have become: "If the lady and her beau are happy, so what; it's not a big issue."

As the cougar dating scene is getting more organised in the UK, specially tailored events have been held in certain UK cities to facilitate mature women looking for a such a dating situation, with organisers not only quickly recognising that cougar dating is a major growth trend but expressing some surprise that it has taken so long for this type of dating to be catered for on a regular, organised basis in the UK.

In summary, it looks like cougar dating UK is on an irreversible, increasing trend of popularity!