Cougars looking for a younger man to date

Cougar dating, or older women looking for younger men to date, is not a new phenomenon.

Indeed, older women have been dating younger men since time immemorial, albeit that cougar dating itself is a relatively new term or expression. For those who are not so familiar with such expression, cougar dating generally refers to relationships between men who are at least 7 years younger than the older woman they are dating. There are those who consider cougar dating as simply a subset of older women or sugar momma dating, although others argue that sugar mommas are more likely to be financial benefactors when compared with cougars. Cougars looking for a younger man to date

In any event, as one would expect, the older women in these relationships are usually often over 40 and still attractive. The men are, typically, handsome, well presented, with good bodies and necessarily charming to the older women they are dating.

It's fair to say that cougar dating has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last few years for a combination of reasons, some of which include:

  • in modern times, more older women than ever before are in positions of power in their chosen profession. They have the financial wherewithal, good careers and know what their goals are. As a result, they no longer feel that they need to accept or be told what they can or cannot do; if they want to enjoy cougar dating with a young, virile, handsome man: why not?
  • there has been a major increase in the number of cougar dating sites targeting older or mature women established of late; such sites have attracted a multitude of members and users from all over the world. Many such sites often carefully screen both the younger man and the older woman to try to ensure that they have the right sort of credentials to maintain a cougar dating type relationship
  • cougar dating started in larger cities which are usually more accepting and tolerant of such niche dating types although, nowadays, older women looking for younger men to date are a common sight in smaller cities or towns. In fact, most people recognise that the demand from older women looking for a younger man to date in a cougar dating type of relationship has been latent for many years and is, in fact, no different than overt relationships between older men and younger women, which are widely accepted
  • some matchmaking or dating specialists have identified this cougar dating niche as one where there is high demand from older women looking to date younger men and have actively been setting up meetings and events where the intended parties can come together in relaxed, comfortable surroundings

Cougar dating appears to be finally becoming mainstream and, with a number of new web-sites and other resources directed toward this subset, it''s very likely that more and more older women will be seen out and about with younger men in the coming years.