Craigslist Cougar Dating 2016 Safety Guide

Craigslist appAccording to Consumer Affairs the Craigslist App has started a Safe Meeting Places just this year. Some of the encouraged to meet at locations include outside of a police station or at a nearby busy coffee shop, for example. However, there remains safety in numbers as well, meaning take your best friend along, if the person you are meeting, your date for the evening, or the other end dreamboat has good intentions they will not mind.

Safe Cougar Dating on Craigslist

The following list of ten ways to ensure that you have a safe meetup that will end positively. Not all of them apply to just the dating aspects of Craigslist, but are just as important, none the less.

  1. Don’t go alone.
  2. Insist to meet at a public place such as a police precinct.
  3. If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.
  4. Perform the transaction during daylight hours.
  5. Trust your instincts.
  6. Do not meet in a secluded area.
  7. Take your cell phone with you.
  8. Tell a friend or family member about your intentions.
  9. Be cautious when buying/selling high value items.
  10. Do not invite strangers into your home, and do not go to theirs.

Local Craigslist Cougar Club

Seek out the local Craigslist Cougar Club and see what advice they have to offer you. A lot of area clubs sponsor meetups, dances, and meet and greets that make safety the number one concern and issue being handled.Craigslist dating

Craigslist Murders

If you have been watching the news lately there has been a few updates in regards to the creepy factor that plagues Craigslist. The Law Street company founded in 2013 recently did a study into some of the Craigslist issues. There was a movie made titled Craigslist Killer about Markoff, one of the many aforementioned creepies.

The Law Street team's study found from 2009 when Philip Markoff, aka the"Craigslist killer" was arrested until June 2014 there were and additional 58 murderers and 45 murder victims connected to Craigslist postings. Should you be interested in learning the specifics they can be found at the WAFB News Site.

It gets worse apparently. According one of the Craigslist Blogs whose latest post is only a couple of months old they are at 104 killings regarding Craigslist ads now. It is so bad that there has been a SafeTrade sight made to help ensure all parties stay safe during their transactions.

Craigslist personals

Have Safe Fun

None of this was meant to discourage you from giving Craigslist dating a whirl. Quite the opposite actually. Many great people can be discovered there. Realistically there are millions of posts made each month and thousands of them are in the personals sections, so all in all the above referenced numbers are a very low percentage overall. There are still enough of them that warrants a reminder is all.

We are excited to learn more from those of you that have experienced craigslist dating. If you think of additional tips or hints to share there is plenty of space for those as well. Leave your comments, stories, or rehashes below in the comments section.