Lesbian Cougar Dating: Finding or Keeping Your Cub or Kitten

The Lesbian Cougar: Dating Tips Lesbian Cougar Dating

Our key tips today come in the realm of meeting. This will include a few different manners of lesbian dating. A couple of questions that I have been seeing in more and more lesbian chats or following a dating tips selection have been included to follow. Are these questions the only of importance, by no means. They are simply the questions that have not been given proper attention or answers.

  1. What is a lesbian cub, a lesbian cougar, or a mature lesbian cougar?
  2. Where do you go to find a lesbian cougar?
  3. How does a mature cougar find herself a cub?
  4. As a cub how do you attract a lesbian cougar or mature cougar of your own?

These questions hardly ever received an answer and thus got me to thinking and wondering the answers myself, so I went on the mission to discover them.

The Lesbian Cub

The lesbian cub often referred to as the lesbian kitten is simply a lesbian having an age younger than her mate.

The Lesbian Cougar

The lesbian cougar is simply a lesbian that is older than her mate.

The Lesbian Mature Cougar

The lesbian mature cougar is typically the professional or retired lesbian that is older than her mate by more than five years.

The Cougar -VS- The Mature Cougar

The lesbian cougar -vs- the lesbian mature cougar are the lesbians that are older than the mate in which they prefer or seek. The difference between them can vary greatly by the person or people that are speaking or seeking. The only true requirement is that they are the older of the parties joining together, however, the cougar can often be the same age as their mates as well.

Finding a Lesbian Cougar

To find a lesbian cougar one should look in their favorite locations for finding the typical lesbian. Facebook, Craigslist, Dating Sites, Meetup, the Lesbian Clubs, it makes no real difference beyond your comfort levels at being or searching there.

Finding a Lesbian Cub

To find a lesbian cub one would do so by following the same advice as above, finding a lesbian cougar. Think within or outside the box in either situation.

Mature Cougar Attracting Her Cub

This should be a no brainer for a mature cougar in all actuality, is the reason you are referred to as the mature. It is generally a given that you are expected to have a bit more experience than your cub counterpart. Not necessarily sexually as much as so as emotionally and in regards to putting yourself out into the search fields and dating pool.

Cub Attracting Her Cougar

As a cub that is trying to go about attracting a lesbian cougar the best way in which to make yourself known is by putting yourself out there. Make it known that you are seeking a lesbian older and more mature than you yourself currently. Have some playful fun in regards to how you dress, the outfits you select, and the way in which you act. For example, nothing says cub or kitten more than pig tails and the classic little school girl outfit. Carrying a stuffed animal is another way in which you can put a twist on sexy kitten seeking mature.