6 Steps For Cougar Dating USA

Cougar Dating is more and more popular, especially cougar dating USA. There is no reason to feel weird about it, even if there are some people around you judging everything, and talking about how older women can play with younger people’s mind. You also must understand that most of the times you need to pay for the cougar dating time, and the extra time is always charged in advance, just to make the cougar relax and enjoy her time with you!

cougar dating usa

Here are six quick tips for cougar dating USA:

  • Always be Courteous - Try to be a gentleman with her, but do not be chivalrous. Open her door when she gets out of the car, give her your hand, stand up when she sits at the table, pay the dinner; however, do not exaggerate with these gestures, because you don't want to look like an idiot. Your cougar doesn't expect you to treat her like she's made of glass!
  • Prepare for the Date - If you are dating a cougar tonight, you want to look presentable. Spend to time to get ready; you don't have to look like you just stepped out from the pages of a magazine, but still, try to impress her. Taking a good look will impress her, and she will feel great being accompanied by you.
  • Avoid any Distractions - Try to avoid paying attention to other things, like your phone or other people. Dating cougars can be tricky, but we know for sure she wants all your attention. Show your interest in her and you want to hear her story. Ask her questions and try to focus only on her. Do not mess it up, so turn your phone off before the date.
  • Don't Try to Impress too Hard - When dating cougars, you need to find the perfect balance between being interesting and looking good, and exaggerating talking about you, in order to impress her. Stick to what the cougar knows about you, and share small, funny stories with her. Do not try to impress too hard, because she will consider you a jackass. Be natural, it always works.
  • Have a Simple Date - It is important to start with a simple date: dinner. Do not elaborate a complicated plan for the date, and do not take her to a long movie, which forces you to stay together for a long time. Choose a casual place, where the food is ready fast, and where you can end the date soon if one of you doesn't feel comfortable about it. USA dating can be complicated, so stick to the simple things.
  • Don't Jump the Gun - You cannot start the date by asking the cougar if she is single, or such things. She will never respect you. Instead, talk about things you both like. After the date, do not bombard her with phone calls or messages, and give her a little time to process everything that happened.

As you can see, dating cougars can be easier than you thought, if you follow these simple rules. Good luck!