UK's Cougar Queen: The Prowl and Hunt

Juney Smith, has been dubbed the UK's "Cougar Queen". Juney chose to have a lifestyle that focused on herself and enjoying life. As such she is a successful business woman. She also chose to never marry or have any children. cougar queen

Ms Smith took time out of her busy schedule to give an interview to The Sun. That interview allowed the world to see into her cougar dating toyboy dating decisions.

Recently, Juney Smith made an appearance on This Morning. While there Rylan Clark-Neal and Alison Hammond had the privilege of digging a bit deeper into Juney's cougar hunt and prowl.

Ms. Smith, now 53 years old, says that she began her cougar lifestyle at the age of thirty. During those years she has self proclaimed to having more than 250 different men in her life with some of her gentlemen being as young as 18-20.

The three day span immediately following The Sun article's publication, June admits to receiving more than 5,000 new requests on Facebook alone. The contacts and messages did not stop there but rather have continued to this day.

June, clarified to the world that here conquests assisted in keeping her young, happy, and having plenty of fun even though she in no way slept with all of her dates. Her younger preferences did keep her from ever having to look at her watch hoping for the night to end as so often happened when she dated men her own age.

The changing of the times, styles, and all things current, however, does have Ms. Smith herself turning over a new leaf as she has become turned off, so to speak, with some of the latest trends. One such trend she speaks of is the tattooed look that is now so socially accepted. In her eyes, though, she sees this body art as overpowering wallpaper.

Another of the current looks that June admits does absolutely nothing for her falls into the category of the hipster. Hipster trends tend to have men dressing in clothing that makes them stand out rather easily, especially with the fact it takes them longer to comb their beards than it does their hair.

So between her dislike of the beards and tattoos June has now decided that it might be time to rethink her cougar lifestyle. She feels that it may now be time for her to seek out companionship from those that are more mature.

She did clearly state, "I haven’t ruled out dating men my age or older but the problem is they don’t know how to party, to date and often come with so much baggage it means their moves in and outside the bedroom are way behind the times."

June herself proclaims, "I am fun loving woman and if that means I am Cougar Queen then it makes me proud because I can hopefully share my expertise with men and women." Time will only tell just what the future holds for Ms. Smith and those in which she choses to spend her time.