Why are you dating a cougar doctor?

If you're a younger man who is wanting to date an older woman, you want to choose her professional wisely. After all, the purpose of dating an older woman is to benefit from her experience, as well as being spoiled, because she has money to spend on you. When you date a cougar, will you choose the doctor profession?

There are many benefits to dating a cougar doctor. For one, if you value your privacy, you'll find that a doctor won't demand to be with you constantly. You can get out with the guys while your doctor date is off at the hospital or clinic working. Sometimes they work round the clock, so you'll find that you won't be overwhelmed with their demands on your time.

Since there are more women graduating medical school nowadays, you'll find that there are plenty to choose from the dating pool. And don't forget that many doctors return to school for a specialty. You could potentially date a psychiatrist, surgeon, or other type of specialist who makes more than the average family doctor does. Best of all, these types of doctors need to bring a young handsome date to the myriad of events that they get invited to.

There are also other benefits to dating a doctor. For one, they're always conscientious of health, so you won't have to worry about diseases. They may even be willing to offer advice on minor ailments, saving you a trip to your own doctor's office.

Most doctors are quite interesting to talk to. Depending on the doctor may depend on whether you have to discuss medical issues all night long. But you can certainly steer the topic in another direction. Did you know that female doctors also love to have fancy cars? They may have a Porsche, BMW, or Mercedes, and enjoy talking about cars too.

Even doctors get vacations, and it'd be great if they brought you along on a trip too. Dating a doctor will mean that you won't have to worry about paying your way. You'll get to have a fun vacation in a hot tropical climate, or, perhaps a cruise to a hot tropical climate.

There are also societal benefits to dating a doctor. When you introduce her to friends, family, or colleagues, everyone will be impressed that you're dating a doctor. There are few other professions that impress as much, unless she's a model, actress, or musician. But with her being a doctor also means people will be impressed because she's also doing some good for humanity.

There are few other professions where income is guaranteed. Have you ever heard of a doctor working part-time? But if you ever have dated a model, actress, or even a musician, you may understand that the income isn't always coming in. But dating a doctor is a sure thing that you'll never have to worry about income again.

When you're searching through your online dating profiles, consider which profession you're aiming for. Financial security is definitely at the top of the list, so dating a cougar doctor may suit your desired lifestyle best.